IPL Xlight machine informatie.

XLight CPL

Pulsed light
Lamp type
Max power
60 J/cm
Spectrum of emission
550-1200 nm/695-1200 nm; 650-950 nm/420-1200 nm; 550-950 nm/755-1200 nm
Pulse frequency
1 Hz
Pulse duration
1-40 ms
Burst mode operation
1 - 5 pulses, pulse delay 10 - 50 msms
Treated area
50 mm X 10 mm (5 centimetri quadrati)
System cooling
Water and air
Skin cooling
Ice Type Integrated
Touchscreen LCD display
600mm L x 560mm P x 360mm A
35 kg

Laser and light technology is being used for an increasing number of cosmetic treatments.
Examples include hair reduction, skin rejuvenation wrinkle reduction, treatment of acne, removal of pigmented blemishes, and treatment of vascular lesions. The new Xlight, Calibrated Pulsed Light is developed according to newest scientific research results, in Intense Pulsed Light Technology.
The concept behind the use of light to treat skin tissue is that light that is absorbed by tissue generates heat. By using specific colors (or wavelengths) of light to treat specific parts of the skin we can target and therefore treat a distinct part of the skin and spare surrounding tissue.
Light can pass completely through non-absorbing tissue and effect subsequent tissue that absorbs its energy and thereby produces heat.
Xlight Calibrated Pulsed Light is a treatment breakthrough that can treat a variety of skin imperfections:

Unwanted Hair - in all skin and hair colors (except for white hair) on all body parts
Ingrown hair, folliculitis, razor bumps - as well as the associated skin darkening and pimples
Freckles and Skin Darkening
Sun Damage
Age spots
Unsightly small veins
Enlarged pores